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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HR 669

Some of my friends are really upset with HR 669, the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act. I am pretty upset too. It has the potential to make ferrets illegal everywhere. I really want to follow the law. I hate breaking it -- I am a natural goody two-shoes (which is why I work for charities). But if this bill passes, it's going to make me into a criminal because I am not willing to give up my ferrets.

(As an aside: Do lawmakers really have nothing better to do? Really? Cause they can call me and I'll give them stuff to do. Like sift through Haliburton's files and find exactly who made the decision to use substandard parts on ther oil rig to save money. Or, if that's too hard, they can clean up some cage poop. I know they made this bill because someone's GIGANTIC DANGEROUSLY ANGRY CHIMP WITH A HISTORY OF ATTACKING PEOPLE tore off a woman's face. But making every single animal in the United States illegal and then picking which ones should be legal? That is astonishingly stupid on levels rarely reached by mankind.)

As a Democrat, I wanted to know what Obama thought of it. It looks like the original bill was made by Democrats, so he might actually agree with it, even though it is supremely, profoundly stupid.

So, I thought maybe I'll give Obama the benefit of the doubt. He sounds like a rational man. And he seems to like animals. So I wrote him this letter:

I know that you have many huge issues occupying your mind. But I have a question about HR 669, the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act, an act that outlaws almost every animal (with few exceptions) in the United States unless they make it through an "approval process" run by one person, “The Secretary”.
As a volunteer for the Oregon Ferret Shelter, I know literally thousands of people and animals whose fates rest upon your opinion of this legislation.
Do you approve of HR 669?
If you do, millions of animals' lives are at risk. I personally know many people who plan to leave the country if you sign this bill into law. They see their pets as family, and they are angry about having their families at risk of being killed. Very angry.
My friends are asking me to get your opinion. They are afraid that you will act like Rudy Giuliani and arbitrarily make millions of ferrets illegal across the country, forcing people to leave their homes and livelihoods in order to protect their pets. (Giuliani's actions are a matter of record.)
What is your opinion of this legislation? Will you sign it if it comes before you? We need to know.

No response yet. As soon as he sends me a response, I promise to post it up for you to see.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I miss Monsieur Ferret

Monsieur Ferret was a really great guy who died last week. Even though he had a difficult case of Irritable Bowel Disease that made him almost impossible to adopt out, he was a huge sweetheart, kind and cuddly to everyone.

Monsieur was one of my shelter favorites. I first took to him because I was kind of sad that his owner had not given him a real name. (I mean, his name means "Mr. Ferret" in French, FFS.) Then, as I got to know Monsieur, I fell in love with his great personality and his winsome ways. I was sad that he needed so much extra care and medications because, in every other way, he was a low-maintenance, go-with-the-flow kind of guy.

I feel sad that he had to live at the shelter for so long. But I am glad that he got to meet so many people who grew to love him. I hope that he is happy now. If anyone deserves to be happy and free of pain, Monsieur does.