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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Giving Tree -- A Great Way to Help Our Ferrets!

This is Charlie. She is one of our furkids on The Giving Tree this year.

The Giving Tree is a way for people to “adopt” or sponsor an individual ferret and play Secret Santa to a needy furkid. Shelters send in pictures and stories of up to 10 ferrets for placement on the Tree's web page. Would-be Santas can then go to the page and click a picture to find out why that ferret is at the shelter, some details about their life there, and what he or she would most like for Christmas.

The Oregon Ferret Shelter was able to post 10 of its most deserving special needs ferrets on the Giving Tree this year. We are on the bottom half of Tree 24. Our kids are: Farina, Vinnie, Orchid, Mario, Charlie, Monsieur Ferret, Probee, Spike, Travis, and Butters.

If you would like to see the Giving Tree in action, you can access it at: www.ferretgivingtree.com. Once there, you can choose from a huge selection of deserving candidates. Directions for use are right on the website and are easy to follow.

If you have any questions about the Oregon Ferret Shelter kids, you can call Chris Mathis at (503) 557-8369.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The shelter contest!

Well, so far we only have 20 votes. But they are high-quality votes! I loved reading the wonderful things people said about us. Here are some of the nice things people said. Thank you thank you thank you!

Nancy Busso
The OR Ferret Shelter is a wonderful, caring place and ferrets get excellent food, medical care and love in a clean environment.

Barbara Trierweiler
They LOVE animals. Not just ferrets, but all animals. They help the Oregon Humane Society with foster homes for some of their animals, without asking for credit, They have a no kill policy so you feel safe bringing your babies (like mine), if circumstances beyond your control happen and you have to give them up. They're the best.

Rylie Coiteux
I used to have two ferrets from this shelter, and before them we almost bought two different ferrets from there. They did not sell us those ones because one ferret was sick. I appreciated them not selling me a sick animal. He ended up dying two weeks after we were going to buy him. I also love how much attention the ferrets in the shelter get. They get trained to stop biting before they are sold, and they are just the cutest animals in the world. :) .

Damon hathaway
I have adopted 2 beautiful ferrets so far from this shelter. Oregon Ferret Shelter have knowledgeable people, with such love in their hearts that I have never heard of them refusing any ferrets brought to them .

Andrea Land
This shelter is amazing!!! We currently have ferrets and tried to take some in from a friend of ours that had to move away and one of the boys wasnt getting along so we called and asked if the shelter could find it a better suited home. They accepted with no questions asked and when we got there we found out he had adrenal gland disease thing and that they were going to do the surgery to fix him!!!!! I am so happy to hear this good news. .

Carole Clark
I love ferrets. They should all have the loving care they get at this shelter.

Shiver Carr
This shelter has a wonderful reputation and the work they do is so very important. .

J Stufflebeam
There are not many Ferret rescue facilities and they provide a much needed loving sanctuary.

Patti Riggert
The Oregon Ferret Shelter is run primarily by Chris Mathis with help from whoever she can recruit. She works basically around the clock and a ferret is never turned away, no matter what the issue. Without Chris and the Oregon Ferret Shelter there would be hundreds of ferrets that would not have homes or would have been put to sleep. This is a shelter that is funded by donations and adoptions fees and does not get the large funding that dog and cat shelters get. That money would REALLY help a lot of ferrets that need surgery, medications and a forever family to love and care for them! Thank you!

janell cody
there are not many people who would do the job that chris and dave do at the ferret shelter with out them all the fuzzies would end up being put down instead she is a no kill shelter every one deserves a second chance.


Jeni Clark (this one is mine)
The Oregon Ferret Shelter helps hundreds of ferrets each year without the huge funding that dog and cat shelters get. Chris Mathis works around the clock -- yes, even in the middle of the night -- to make sure all of her charges are well-cared-for even with the limited resources at her disposal. She is amazing and an inspiration.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help us become America's favorite animal shelter!

From the Care2.com website: "The America's Favorite Animal Shelter contest is a chance for animal lovers everywhere to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter and rescue animals while helping their favorite shelter win a donation."

OK, yes, I know we don't have as huge a following as the dog and cat people. But that doesn't mean we can't show how much we love our tiny ferret friends! If we get enough votes, we could win some money. And there are several ways to win. We have until December 16th to gather votes. Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell your mom!

Clicky clicky HERE to VOTE! Or click on Gabriella above!