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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Costume Contest!

I love October! It's the time of year where we do unspeakably embarassing things to ferrets, like dress them up in fairy costumes, for prizes. It makes me feel like a little girl again, dressing up my cats in doll clothes. (Free tip: Cats REALLY don't like booties. Neither do ferrets.)

Unfortunately for me, my sewing machine broke and I was unable to contribute to the contest. But it was fortunate for eveyone else, as this left me able to get some really nice pictures of the other contestants!

I put all of my pictuers together in a slide show for your viewing pleasure. I also wrote up the whole thing with my usual goofy flair.

Clicky clicky here!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Buy a tube for your ferret! You'll be glad you did! (Dana sure is.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A GOOD Craigslist post!

I was cruising Craigslist again, and I saw this post. It's a bit blunt, but I am really glad that someone is looking out for ferrets' best interest. Awesome!

To people looking for ferrets (everywhere)

Date: 2009-10-11, 1:02PM PDT
Reply to: comm-ecdyt-1416747894@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


I have notice a lot of people looking for free or no cost ferrets recently. I would like to let people know that ferrets are VERY high maintance animals. They need 4+ hours a day outside the cage of supervised playtime. They need their litter changed DAILY. Ferrets also need special food. Made for Ferret although some people think that they can feed them cat food it is very bad for their teeth. Ferret food cost $10 for the smallest bag so it expensive. Ferret also need vet care a lot of people don't relize that they need rabbies and distemper shots. Ferrets can also have lots of health problems. You need to find an experinaced vet who knows about ferrets. I have four ferrets of my own and have spent well over $2000 on my ferrets this year. This is only for things they must have such as cage, litter box, shampoo, nail trimmers, water bowl, dishes, beddings, leashes and harness and some ferret toys. I hope that if you REALLY want a ferret your willing to pay at least something for them. If your not even willing to pay a rehoming fee that suggest to me that you might not be willing to properly take care of your new pet and it will most likly end up on craiglist again to be rehome. If this does not apply to you then I am deeply sorry but hopfully this post will open someone's eyes to how much responsiblity an animal is this something that a lot of people on craigslist seem to do. They buy an animals have and acciendtly have more of them and then they rehome them. Also ferrets are illegal in califorina and hawwii so if your going to move there don't bother getting one it will be back on cariglist because you didn't do your research. Please research ferret in dept before you decide to take one into your home

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ferret Legging

I came across an odd photo today, It referred back to the sport of ferret legging.

Cracked.com has a lovely article about it on their list of the eight most baffling sports from around the world.

I suspect that a lot of your success in the sport depends greatly on your choice of ferrets. We have some nice oldsters at the shelter who would probably just curl up and nap, thus opening the way for you to beat the current world record at five hours and 26 minutes (set in 1981). Not that we're advising you to stuff a ferret down your pants. Sicko.