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Friday, July 31, 2009

Another A-hole on Craigslist

Here's an ad from Craigslit:

Marjorie is a relatively young and petite ferret. She's very well behaved, and is one of the most chill ferrets I've ever met. Of course she loves to play too!! And gets along with the cat and the 7 month old puppy I previously had. Marj (as we call her) has a 2 story cage with a hammock. It has a plastic slide out bottom for easy cleaning.. we lay newspaper on the bottom and she does her potty business in one corner. She likes to take a shower with you or be bathed in the sink :) So I'm asking a rehoming fee of $50 including Marjorie, her cage, the leash/harness. **I'm actually the roommate of the owner and the only reason she agrees to get rid of her is because I'm 5 months pregnant, due early Dec** If you have further questions you can contact me by email, Thanks! -- Lindsey

Oh I'm pregnant BOOHOOO I can't possibly allow the OWNER of the house where I am RENTING to allow a pet. I am the only person who ever gave birth in the world and everyone must cater to me me meeeee!

Seriously??? What a f***tard. If she were my roommate, she would come home to all of her crap being out on the front lawn in a charred, smouldering heap. Buh-bye!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I met a Facebook Dumb*ss

I stepped into the middle of a ferret-based conversation on Facebook. I am so stressed out now.

Sabrina: I wish they were legal in CA. I would totally have one. Maybe I should get one anyways. lol

Toby: I wonder why they aren't??

Sabrina: they are considered 'rodents'. and they breed like crazy.

Toby: Oh yah, I think I heard that the female will die if she go's into heat and cant mate!

Jeni Clark: Sabrina, ferrets are not rodents. They are strict carnivores. They EAT rats and mice. Also, since 99.999999 percent of ferrets in the United States are fixed before the age of 4 weeks, they are completely unable to breed like crazy. Come see my website oregonferretshelter.org to learn more about these adorable pets.

Sabrina: um. ok. well that's what i heard. I'm not too concerned with it

Sabrina: "Ferrets are illegal in California because the California Department of Fish and Game claims that if ferrets are let out into the wild, they would mate, multiply, become feral and could threaten native wildlife". Let's see mate, multiply, OH and they carry rabies very easily in comparison to other animals. That seems pretty rodent-like to me. I wasn't hating on them. I was just saying. Plus, I think they are ADORABLE and have friends that own them.

Jeni Clark: Actually, there is a rabies vaccine for ferrets. All of mine are vaccinated. In addition, they don't carry rabies more easily than other animals. If they do get it, they are far more likely to die before they can spread it than other animals, so the OPPOSITE is true. And, again, I tell you that 99.999999 percent of ferrets in the United States are fixed, so the Dept. of Fish and Game is wrong in their statements that they could breed. I have a boy that was not fixed until yesterday, and I had to go through hoops to get him. There are only a handful of ferret breeders in the US, largely because it is difficult to breed them (yes, Tony is right when he says that females have to breed when they go in heat or they will die, and if you don't have a hob [male] in rut or a vasectomized hob, you can lose your female). I am working hard to inform the community and get these guys legalized. I wish I could recruit you to help inform people -- you sound like a very passionate person!

Jeni Clark: OMG Tony I am so sorry I am hogging up your FB page. This is my career now, tho, ferret and animal rescue. I apologize.

Sabrina: i really dont care. its not that important to me

Sigh. Some people are really ignorant. But do they have to be rude too?