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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shelter Cleaning Day!

Although it is not the most glamorous part of rescue, Shelter Cleaning Day is a very important part of animal shelter work. It's that one day a year where everyone you can find will get together and help clean out the built-up crud around the shelter walls, cages, and floor. It is a vital part of the process, especially since some ferrets can be so sensitive to allergens (just like humans, sometimes you get a ferret with allergies).

Shelter Cleaning Day can also wreak havoc on your arms, legs, and butt, especially if you are not in shape (I am not) and if you aren't used to using a power washer (again, I am not). Even now, the Tuesday after, my butt still wants to know why we thought we could spend nine hours power washing and cleaning walls. I can't really answer that except to say that SOMEONE had to! Next time, perhaps, someone ELSE can be that "someone".

Included in this post are some pix I snapped while we were there. Look at the beautiful blue sky in the background of the third picture! At least the weather was perfect for it. We were lucky to get as much done as we did -- the next day, it poured rain. (Typical Oregon weather)

Many heartfelt thanks go out to all of the people who were there to help out. Your efforts were greatly needed and appreciated.