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Friday, September 2, 2011

Triple F Farms and PETA -- someone has to help

I watched this video earlier today. PETA went undercover to expose the conditions at Triple F Farms, a well-known ferret breeder. I am still reeling from watching their video.


Be warned -- the video contains graphic horrible pictures.

I was talking with my husband. I was very upset. Seeing these things reached deep into my heart. I felt very angry and helpless.

And I asked him, "People, the bastards, are going to do these gruesome terrible things. They do them even when it doesn't gain them anything to do so. They even lose money when they perpetuate these cruelties, and they STILL do them. What can one person do to stop them?"

He said that I could post it to my blog, that maybe someone would read it and write the CDC (like the link on PETA's page asks them to do). Or maybe someone would put some words in the right ear and bring the whole operation under inspection. Who knows -- maybe someone with power will help.

So if you are that person, or you know someone who could be that person, go to it! Or tell me who to talk to. Because someone has to help.