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Monday, May 17, 2010

Borus the Snake

I just wanted to share this really strange picture I got of Borus, a 2-year-old chocolate guy at the shelter. He has all of his limbs, even though he looks like a snake in this picture.

How weird is that? My husband thought I'd Photoshopped it, but I didn't. I'm not sure how I captured him at just the right angle and time. It's just bizarre.

Pictures of Rainier

I mentioned in a former post about how much I wished I had pics of Rainier before he got adopted by Mike and Janice.

Rainer was the ferret who had to have his collar surgically removed.

Lisa Harris heard the call and sent me some pictures she had taken. Yay!

You can see how well he has healed over. With a little time, all the fur will probably grow back. Then he'll be a normal little guy again.

I hope that Mike and Janice can bring him by for a visit soon. They are such good ferret parents.

Even though Rainier is healing well, don't forget the lesson this situation teaches: Do not leave a collar on your ferret that is too tight -- make sure you can get it off of him. In fact, you should not use a collar on your ferret at all except for special occasions, and then only if he or she is being supervised.

I know people are going to want to put collars on their ferret. I know it makes them look adorable. And you may think that it makes them easy to identify as pets and keeps them safe if they should escape. (And if we were talking about a dog or cat, or another larger or differently shaped animal, I would totally be there with you in advocating collar and tag usage.)

But a ferret is different. They are built differently. Their shape, so useful in slinking through burrows and getting into tight spots, makes it almost impossible to wear a collar without suffering damage.

If you want to keep your ferret safe, by far the best solution is to microchip and register them.