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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adoptable Ferret of the Day: PEARL!

I have known Pearl for quite some time, and I just love her to pieces. I hope that she can find a home very soon because she is a very special ferret who really needs a human of her own.

Originally, Pearly Girl was an albino breeder girl who didn't know that biting was bad. She would just bite you because she didn't know how else to communicate. It was awful because she is just the cutest tiniest girl you have ever laid your eyes on! This tiny gem of a ferret came to my friend Lavon's house in desperate need of socialization.

After many months, Pearl has become as lovely in manners as her name suggests. She has not bitten me in months. Indeed, she looks at me in a very puzzled way if I even approach her with suspicion in my eyes. She is still not a snuggly ferret, but her days of biting are long over, and she is now eager to have a place of her own.

If you decide to adopt Pearl, her biggest concern now would be: Do you have a tube for her to run through? Because she REALLY loves tubes!

Pearl is a true albino, and her eyes look like flame when the light catches them.

Pearl is from a private breeder. She is smaller than most ferrets. People think that she is a baby, but she is fully grown. Her toes are so small and perfect! She looks so sweet and fragile. But believe me, when she gets going, she can play as well as the rest of them! She's a little gymnast!

Just so you know, Pearl is not de-scented. And she will "poof" if she gets scared. She is also leery of de-scented ferrets, so a non-de-scented companion ferret would be recommended. The Oregon Ferret Shelter has some non de-scented ferrets you can test-drive her with if you want to adopt more than one.

Come by the shelter and ask to see Pearl! You'll be glad you did!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Star Wars and ferrets!

Who knew? In some film called "An Ewok Adventure", there is a ferret!

Click here!

Personally, I don't like Ewoks. They eat people. That kid is gonna be lunch for sure.

Craigslist Again...

I tried to post to Craigslist this weekend to tell the public that we have a temporary reduction in our adoption fee. ($150 for two young ones, $75 for two if they are more than 4 years old! Come and get em!)

But people kept flagging me. I finally asked the community why (and put my ad under a different headline, one that didn't mention the Oregon Ferret Shelter).

I got some interesting responses.

"people flag shelter ad's because the shelters so not know hardly anything about dogs especially. they advertise a "english pointer for adoption" when in reality the dog is a german shorthair black lab mix, that's why. if the shelter could post a right ad, people would stop flagging the shelters...."

Ummm... not really an issue with us. But thanks for the info.

"Ferrets are prohibited on Craigslist. ferrets are prohibited in CA < - > where Craigslist is based, therefore prohibited on Craigslist. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/forums/?ID=136756020"

No, they are not prohibited on Craigslist. Just in California and Hawaii. Don't EVEN get me started on the whole "banning them in California" thing.

"My guess would be because the ad is for a "commercial" shelter not private owned? Again, a guess."

This one is totally possible. But we are, actually, privately owned. So maybe I need to make my post a little less ... professional? I just don't know. I can only do the best I can.

I did get some really positive feedback from the community. Like this one.

"I think its great what your doing for ferrets, keep up the good work and hopefully people will stop flagging your ad."

Which left me on Cloud 9 for a few hours! I just love it when we get supported, even if it's just a little email.

It seems that this Craigslist thing needs a little more finesse than I am used to. I'll just keep working on it.