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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling all ferret shelters!

Your help is needed immediately!!! We are working with Petco to get them to STOP carrying ferrets in their stores. We need numbers to present to them with of how many ferrets you have in shelter at this time. We need to give Petco a huge idea of the impact that they, as a retailer, are having on the shelters. We want them to have the mindset that ferrets are the third largest companion pet population in the USA! The reason they give for not selling puppies and kittens is that there are so many of them available in rescue! Well, they need to realize that there are many many ferrets in rescue too!
So here is a chance for you to help make a difference. Send me your current shelter numbers up for adoption and numbers of permanent residents that for some reason are not adoptable. How much did you spend in medical care for the ferrets? Did Petco give you any financial assistance for their care?
Thanks for taking the time to get this information back to me. I will need this information no later than February 23rd.
Please send all data directly to oregonferretshelter@comcast.net. Thank you!
Chris Mathis
Director, Oregon Ferret Shelter

MaryKate needs a home

MaryKate is a little upset at being at the OFS for more than two years now. She would like a home with her friend, Ashley, please.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainer got a home! And new newsletter!

At our Valentine's Day meeting, Rainer got a new home! Rainer was the ferret who had to have his collar surgically removed. Mike and Janice, two of the nicest and most responsible people you could ever meet, heard his story and adopted him on the spot. I only wish I had gotten more pictures of his face before they left!

Yay for Rainer!

Also, the newsletter for Winter has been released! Twelve lovely pages of stuff we did over Fall and Winter. Special bonus -- Santa Paws pictures! Very silly stuff.

Clicky clicky here for the newsletter!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming up!

We're having a big Valentine's Day event on Saturday, February 13th. Make a valentine for your ferret to put in the mix. We'll be exchanging them at the party. What kind of Valentine? Think back to grade school! Get out your crafty kits and safety scissors! Or buy Kermit the Frog ones at Walmart. However you want to do it is fine for us. Bring one Valentine for each one you want to take home.