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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ferrets and SNOW!

Oregon doesn't get a lot of snow. But it does get some. I am always surprised and fascinated by it since I come from Huntington Beach, California, where snow has been banned by city ordinance since way before I was born.

Since Oregon doesn't see a lot of snow, my ferrets also don't get to see a lot of snow. But all that changed yesterday.

I love to give my ferrets new experiences. And I wondered what the ferrets would make of the whole "cold white stuff" thing. So my husband and I opened the back door and put little Darkpaw outside for just a minute.

Note: Darkpaw was my first ferret, so she gets to be the star in many of my adventures. Maybe it IS favoritism. I won't deny it.

Well, Darkpaw sat at the door's edge for a second, whiskers frantically flying as she did a sniff to end all sniffs. Then she made a break for it, running through the snow for a second, and we made a wild dash after her. She stopped when the snow got up to her belly. Then she decided she didn't like it. REALLLLLLY didn't like it! James picked her up and she was shivering like crazy. Awww. Poor little girl.

Well, we have eight ferrets now, and we wanted to see if they would all hate it too. (Yes, maybe we are a bit sadistic.) But we needed something a little more convenient than taking them outside one by one.

James, ever the problem-solving engineer, brought in a baking sheet covered in snow and put it in the middle of the floor on a towel. Then we let them explore.

There were only two ferrets who liked it, Snoball and Frank. Frank, however, didn't just like it, he LOVED it! He really went to town! The cold did not seem to bother him as he did several fabulous whole-body snorgles through the mini-drift. He became quite possessive of the snow at some points, warning others off so he could fully spread out in the baking pan of winter delight.

Here are some pictures of his snow experience, along with the one where he tries to muscle Snoball out of the snow. "MY SNOW!" he says.

There was much merriment and mirth until, inevitably, the snow melted, at which point they all joined in for a long cold drink.

So, as far as snow goes, I would have to say that "Two out of eight ferrets interviewed would recommend snow to their ferret friends, as long as they didn't get in the way." It was well worth the effort!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shelter Shock -- a Sad End

I have to report the sad news that Boogety has passed away. He just didn't want to be here on Earth any more. No matter how many hand feedings, how many cuddles, how many medications, how much time out, or toys, or companionship, Boogety had just decided that he didn't want to live.

I had him for two weeks. In that time, he hadn't really gained much weight, but he was still eating as long as I held him and got him started on his soup. I fed him three or four times a day, and each time he got fed, he got to stay out about an hour to play with his friend, Frank.

Boogety didn't have much energy. I saw a trace of his old self a few times. Once, when he first got let out to play in my house, I saw him do a one-hop war weasel. He made it about an inch off the floor. And when he found a ball that makes a rattling noise, he tried to get the whole thing in his mouth, much to my delight. I was hoping that I would get to see more as time went by.

But on a Thursday, he refused to eat. I tried to force him, but he locked his jaws. So I fed him around his closed jaw and took him to Meg's as soon as I could. His gums were very pale. They gave him a transfusion, and Chris took him home with an I.V.

He died that night.

His buddy Frank is still with me. Frank was very lonely after Boogety's death, so I also brought home Snoball, who has a very good nature and is an expert cuddler. Together, we have made it through this tough time.

I will miss him.